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Cana Girls Rescue Home is a project in East Pokot - Kenya that provides hope to a girl child who is tormented by cultural and traditional practices subjecting them to a lot of maltreatment, oppression and discrimination.

Our goal is to reduce the physical pain, loss of life, emotional and psychological torture experienced by girls and women in East Pokot Sub-county - Kenya.

Our vision is to transform girl child through education, spiritual nourishment and guiding and counselling to remove trauma, show love, motivate and encourage. Since Pokot traditions are oppressive to women, the project aims to provide the above forms of transformation in preparation of girl child so that when she comes of age she will not be tormented by cultural practices which are currently facing their mothers. The overall aim is to empower women in East Pokot Sub-county, Baringo county to be at par with other communities in Kenya who have dropped harmful cultural practices. This will help them uplift their own living standards, raise healthy families and participate positively in nation building for example having many educated girls who will be role models, employed thus improving income in the community and general economic growth of East Pokot, Kenya.

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The Girls 

Cana Girls Rescue Home consist of girls who are forced into early marriage, girls who are forced into circumcision ...


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Cana Girls Rescue Home offers you– individuals, corporations, foundations, NGOs, and partner schools– an opportunity to put girls at the center


The above picture is of Venerable Canon Christopher Chochoi who is the Founder and Director of Cana Girls Rescue Center, East Pokot - Kenya.